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Do you feel like your bike is just one among the crowd? Is it really adapted to your riding style and does it look like it represents the rider? Tired of expensive off-the-shelf bits that get close, but are not quite perfect? Motomiu is here to help. We do custom parts, design and paint jobs to realise anything you may be able to dream up. And we do it with the solid engineering and precision expected from a bike that you can ride all day. Our custom paintjobs are guaranteed to be off-the-hook and unique. Just ask any of our myriad customers. Motomiu boasts a state-of-the-art workshop and highly trained staff to handle any intricate paintjob and custom fabrication, delivering perfection every time. Tired of cookie-cutter accessories that everybody else has and half-assed wrap jobs that don’t do your bike justice? Get in touch and try our pro custom paintjobs. Our results will blow you away.

Our excellent team

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    Arjun Bafna
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    Saurabh Shirke
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    Mihir Chandan
    Marketing Head
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Motomiu premium exhausts are made available Worldwide across all continents

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Our sourcing materials are A grade and second to none

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Our team is available on our hotline number or chat 24/7



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